Specialized Landscaping





Our Specialized Landscaping Services Include:

  • Planting of creek banks to stabilize the slopes using trees, shrubs, seed, and erosion control blanket
  • Native grass seeding and plantings
  • Tree and shrub installation along roadways and various construction sites
  • Various types of riparian plantings including seed, plants, trees, and live stakes.

Rain Garden/Bio Retention Basins

Rain Gardens & Bio Retentions are used to retain and filter storm water. Rain gardens/ Bio Retention Basins have a well-drained soil profile with a pipe in the bottom to slowly discharge water and an overflow spillway for larger rain events. The profile typically consists of gravel, sand, soil, a thin layer of mulch and then plantings on the surface. The plants that are chosen can tolerate being submerged in water for short periods of time.

Drainage Correction

Midwest Turf is known to employ very talented finish graders with an eye for shaping grades to create positive drainage.

The Process Includes:

  • Finish grading is performed to fix humps and depressions achieving a smooth surface for the water to flow.
  • French drains can be installed where proper amounts of fall cannot be achieved without a great deal of grade changing. French drains allow the water to percolate through the soil and travel underground instead of above.
  • Swales and berms are used to force the water to a desired location.

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